Settling back into the moment

moment podcast Jun 01, 2021

We miss so much by rushing on past moments, always on to the next things to do or see or be.

As I bridge the gap between launching my new programme 'Get Your Life Back' and starting working with those lovely people who joined, this quote from Joseph Goldstein came back to support me:

"There is great value in slowing down all our activities. No hurry. No place to go. Nothing else to do but just a settling back into the moment."

My default setting was always to be on to the next thing as I loved achieving things and wanted to live life to the full.

I still do, but have learnt that my life is fuller when I remember to settle back into the moment.

You can listen to me talk some more about this in Episode 65 of The Overwhelm is Optional Podcast.

Episode 65: Settle back into the moment

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