Living more skilfully

neutral noticing Jun 28, 2023


The ability to respond rather than react is hugely freeing. As a very emotional, passionate, driven person who feels things very deeply, finding some space before reacting has been life-changing.


And whilst I’m no Zen Master, my practice of Neutral Noticing is increasingly paying off more and more. See this blog or listen to this podcast episode for a powerful and very personal example.


Here’s how to get going:


  1. Reframe yourself as a perfect and a work in progress rather than a constant self improvement project. The work being to gradually, at a pace that works for you, let go of the belief that there’s anything fundamentally wrong with you. Drop the judgement and be your own cheerleader. The practice of self-acceptance and self-love is powerful.

If you find this hard try viewing it from this perspective: when you judge yourself harshly you judge others harshly. When you practise self-acceptance, you are more loving and tolerant of others. Everything is a mirror - if you want the world to change, change how you are viewing and treating yourself. 


  1. Practise Neutral Noticing. Neutrally notice what is going on for you - from the chatter in your mind, to the physical sensations in your body and the external dance of the universe. Drop the judgement. Stop trying to control everything and change everything. It’s all just useful information to help you live more skilfully.


The One Minute Marke is my go-to audio to support the practice of Neutral Noticing. Clients who have embedded it into their life all report an increasing ability to respond rather than react - to starting to live more skilfully.

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