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get your life back tiny-huge life-changing practices unexpectedly lovely things Apr 23, 2021

Unexpectedly Lovely Things is one of my favourite Tiny-Huge Life-Changing Practices.

Why? Because it's really powerful and changes how you see things - fast.

Like all Tiny-Huge Life-Changing Practices it's both easy to squeeze into your day with minimal disruption and is hugely helpful in getting your life back.

Here's how you do it:

On the hour, every hour, commit to pausing and finding something Unexpectedly Lovely.

It's that simple!

But as with everything, you get out what you put in.

So if you fall into the trap of thinking it's impossible for me to commit to a moment investing in getting my life back every hour, then you're doomed from the start because it takes commitment to reclaim your life and it doesn't matter how small and easy to fit in I make these very special practices, you still have to commit. 

Only you can take your life back from that insidious struggle to hold all the pieces of success together. It's your life after all. Nobody can rescue it for you.

And this work takes courage (which is why being part of my brand new Facebook group might be just what you need - you can apply to join here).

You are not alone. I have had to work hard to create a life that works for me, that allows me to have the things that are non-negotiable for me - meaningful work that supports the lifestyle I want,  vibrant health and awesome relationships.

For a long time, I made the mistake of believing I had to choose between these - that I couldn't have it all. So I let my health suffer and damaged my relationships because I couldn't work out how to maintain my lifestyle and have meaningful work any other way.

Now I know this is a nonsense. And I purposely practice bringing myself back from my tendency to overwork, I plan time and fun stuff to nourish my relationships and most importantly, I choose myself first every day on waking.

And every day I reach more and more people with my work. And that fills my heart.

Back to Unexpecteldy Lovely Things...make the commitment now, right now. Set a notification on your phone, ask friends and family to remind you, put sticky notes on your laptop, the mirror, your fridge - go all in and make it as easy as possible to remember (or impossible to forget).

Pause and search for something unexpectedly lovely - not, something lovely. This is important. It's got to be more of a challenge than that. It's got to be effortful to fit the Huge part of Tiny-Huge Life-Changing Practices.

And if you're still thinking it's too much of an ask to do this on the hour, every hour, then know this. I have tried and tested my stuff and this is how it works best. It's actually easier to embed this practice or even to get started by upping the challenge level. You won't do it every hour, but you will do it every day. And that's a dam fine start to getting your life back on track.

Because guess what Unexpectedly Lovely moments each day lead to? Yep, they lead to more Unexpectedly Lovely moments and guess what they lead to? Unexpectedly Lovely hours. Which lead to Unexpectedly Lovely mornings and Unexpectedly Lovely afternoons....which lead to Unexpectedly Lovely days which lead to Unexpectedly Lovely weeks, months and years. Which leads to an Unexpectedly Lovely life.

Tiny-Huge Life-Changing Practices help you get your life back secretly, without causing unnecessary disruption...without anyone even noticing.

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