Gentle Rebel Coaching is based on these premises:


There is nothing wrong with you.

There is nothing wrong.

It's all just useful information to help you create a life that works better for you.


You do not want too much.

You can have the full life you long for.

You can have well-paid, satisfying work without compromising your health and relationships.


You just need some new perspectives and skills.

Life is an adventure, not something to survive.

Getting to know and love yourself is an adventure into the freedom and fulfilment you desire.

"Writing Heidi a review to let people know how absolutely fabulous she is was a must for me, but it is so difficult to put into words how I feel about the work we have done together apart from deeply heartfelt gratitude. 

Last year I realised that I wanted to answer some questions: Who am I? What is important to me? How do I step into being me more of the time? 

Somehow I magically got all of these answers from the 1:1 support from Heidi and then.... much much more in a much shorter time than I had expected, while enjoying the journey and..... it was EASY AND FUN!! And it has had a domino effect on those around me and to which I am truly grateful. 

Thank you so much."



"I just want you to know what a difference your support/coaching has made. 

I feel a world away from the heavy, clamouring manic-ness of overwhelm and the judgemental weighty chatter in my mind which was my life just a few months ago. 

Your truly special skills and knowledge work better than anything I have experienced.  I have invested in what is reputed to be world-class coaching before, personal growth is essential to me, however, nothing comes close to your unique approach, your dedication and attention to detail.  I absolutely loved that we started with an end goal clearly defined and we tracked progress with weekly notes and exercises.  It has been inspirational.  I now feel I have all the tools I need to have an unexpectedly lovely life and proven techniques to call on when life decides to throw curveballs.  My life now feels fun, light and exciting. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To anyone out there who is stuck in overwhelm and ‘just getting by’ I urge you to contact Heidi.  There is a way to live the life you want without drowning and Heidi will show you how.  She is amazing."


Jennifer Wheeler, Entrepreneur







How it works:


When you’re ready, book a curiosity call. We’ll chat, without any pressure and see if we’re a fit. I offer weekly or fortnightly coaching via Zoom with full weekday support via the messaging app Telegram. 


I combine my skills as a masterful coach and teacher, holding the space for you as you explore what you need to do to create a life that works for you. One of my superpowers is being able to ‘see’ the fuller freer version of you, holding that vision until you are able to embody it for yourself.


My work is deeply transformational but also gently rebellious, which means it gets to be both serious (because you finding the freedom to be more fully yourself matters) but also light, fun and easy. 

Book a Curiosity Call