This is not the life you intended to life

Is this the life you intended to live?


You have a successful life but it's really hard to hold it all together.

You push your poor mind to think through overwhelm, your body to function through exhaustion, skidding into every weekend as if you’ve won a survival game.

You're really good at spinning plates on spinning plates and putting your own needs last.


You wonder if you just want too much.

You daydream about living a simpler life.

But the truth is you don’t want to give up anything of the things you’ve worked so hard for.


You just want your life to work for you.




  • Gently, but firmly. 
  • Without fuss
  • With minimum energy - tiny-huge
  • Secretly without making any declarations
  • Curiously
  • Playfully 
  • In your own time
  • In your own way




  • Against overwhelm towards clarity and focus
  • Against exhaustion towards energy and fitness
  • Against pressure towards freedom
  • Against struggle towards adventure
  • Against forcing yourself into a superhero suit just to get through your impossible week towards the freedom to be yourself
  • Against self-judgement towards self-love

There is nothing wrong with you.

You do not want too much.

And you can have the life you worked hard for.


But you’re going to have to do things differently.

The traditional way of pushing on through works, until it doesn’t…

It’s time to rebel against that nonsense.

(But not too loudly and without causing any disruption that will only add to your overwhelm.)


It’s time for The Gentle Rebel Way.





  • Overwhelm and exhaustion are just the price you pay to have a full life.
  • You need to toughen up, get more organised and manage your stress better.
  • Life is hard. Success requires sacrifice.
  • Overwhelm and exhaustion are useful course corrections.
  • You need to get to know yourself better so you can make the life you have work better for you.
  • Life is an adventure. You choose your adventure.

Overloading your mind, treating your body as an inconvenient problem to be solved and ignoring the wisdom of your heart - that’s the old way of doing things.


To have the full life you want to lead, you need all of you functioning highly -  a strong mind, a fit body and a courageous heart.



Step 1: Commit to yourself first: to living your life, your way

Step 2: Commit to developing a strong mind

Step 3: Commit to developing a fit body

Step 4: Commit to developing a courageous heart

  • Self-awareness. You are unique. Get to know yourself better. Get curious.
  • Drop the self-judgement; the comparison to others; the ‘shoulds’, ‘oughts’ and ‘musts’.
  • Practice self-acceptance. 
  • Develop self-love. Become your own biggest cheerleader. Accept full responsibility for your life and making it work for you.
  • No more pushing through overwhelm. 
  • Learn to nourish your mind. 
  • To stop overloading it. 
  • To stop taking it for granted. 
  • Learn what supports your mind and what doesn’t. 
  • Learn to look after your nervous system.
  • No more pushing yourself to exhaustion.
  • Prioritise learning how to look after yourself properly
  • Start listening to your body
  • Treat it with love and respect
  • Eat what nourishes it
  • Rest before you become exhausted
  • Sleep
  • Move
  • Laugh, play and have fun
  • Reconnect to your heart 
  • Notice what fills it
  • Notice what makes it feel heavy
  • Own what you really want
  • Identify your heartfelt priorities
  • Know your values
  • Learn how to speak up for yourself
Find your hidden superpowers

Find your hidden superpowers

You’re not struggling because there’s something wrong with you.

You’re struggling because the life you’ve created doesn’t work for you.


Overloading your mind, treating your body as an inconvenience and ignoring the wisdom of your heart - that’s the old way of doing things.


To have the full life you want to lead, you need all of you functioning highly - mind, body and heart.


Finding freedom from that well-worn overwhelm-exhaustion path can be your journey to finding the freedom to be more fully yourself.


The Gentle Rebel Way is to make finding the freedom to be more yourself into your greatest adventure.


All those irritating symptoms of overwhelm become useful course corrections to help you create the life you intended to live.


One you feel at home in. That suits you down to the ground.

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